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1000 Door Bulk Pallet

1000 Door Bulk Pallet

SKU: 504

 Will do 1000 complete door installations.Thats just $2.10 per door!

Contains: 6,000 brackets + screws

Door Install Kit for perfectly installing 1000 Doors (Single or Double Door) without shimming.

  • Door installation can be completely in as little as 3-4 minutes!

  • Contains bulk boxed brackets and bulk boxed screws.

  • Can install Single or Double Doors, Hollow core or Solid Core. Interior and Exterior.

  • Secures both front and backside of door to the wall.

  • Trim directly over top of brackets, completely concealing them.

  • Can be used before or after drywall is installed on wall.



    Brackets are packaged in 4 boxes (each 24"x24"x21"). Ships on 48"x48" pallet. Shipping weight 800 lbs.


    Return and Refund policy. As this is bulk packaged product, no refund or returns accepted on this item.

  • SHIPPING Cost/Info

    Free Freight Shipping! Product usually ships out the next business day. Ships from our 49418 location.

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