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Single Door Kit

10 Door Pro Kit

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Why become a Door Install Kit retailer?

Proven Product with 1000's of 5 star reviews

Builders are the #1 buyer of the product

Value added product for every door you sell

Reduces door returns due to poor installation

Millions of Doors already installed

Detailed Retailer Information

After contacting us you will receive login password

for viewing all retailer detailed information.

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Kits for installing a door are rapidly becoming the preferred method for door installation. Offer your customers a proven product. Our door clips have been used for the installation of over a million doors. We also have thousands of five star reviews. 

For the cost of just slightly above a pack of shims, doors can be installed Rapidly & Accurately, without hassle. Offer your customers the easiest, fastest, and strongest install possible with EXPR brackets.

Available as a Single Door Kit or Ten Door Pro Kit | All initial orders ship with a retail display/merchandiser.

Pro Builders Love them!


DIYs Need them!

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