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  • Can it be used on any size jamb?
    Yes, these brackets work great on any size jamb. The difference between using them on 4-9/16" jambs is that when using on a different size, you simply bend the bracket back-n-forth by hand along the center score line. This will break the bracket into 2 halves, so you can spread them to any size jamb.
  • Does it meet Exterior Door Codes?
    In most cases it does meet exterior door codes. However, since some areas have stricter codes, after the installation, simply reinforce the install with shims. This will eliminate any possible issues. Remember your only taking an extra minute to reinforce, the hard work is already done by the brackets.
  • Does it work on Double/French Doors?
    Yes! The brackets make installing a double/french door an easy task.
  • Can i still use longer hinge screws?
    Yes! The brackets have a clearance hole in them. So even though the bracket is behind the hinge, this clearance hole lines up with the center hinge screw. Longer screws will go through the hinge, through this clearance hole and into the wall stud.
  • Do i still need to shim after the installation?
    No. But if you have a very heavy door, feel free to add some for peice of mind. Remember: the door is already installed perfect by the brackets, so you would only be taking a minute to reinforce.
  • Used on Steel Framing?
    Yes, they work great for installing doors onto steel framing. The only difference being that you will need you use your own self tapping screws when securing to the wall.
  • Does it work on Split-Jamb Doors?
    No. It does not work on Split-Jamb doors. However, the bracket kit at that is sold at all Home Depot locations does work on Split-Jambs.
  • Is it also available in Canada?
    Yes, the product is available in Canada. If its not at your local lumber yard, feel free to contact us for ordering.
  • Is it also available in Australia?
    Soon. We are working to have it available early next year.
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