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What is a
Spill-Proof Funnel?

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The ONLY funnel you need!

Eco-Loop is the world's first spill proof, vented, controlled pour, flexible, long reach oil pouring device. Not only for oil, but many other fluids. It's unique “Loop” design prevents contents from contacting outside debris, as well as spillage which can make a mess, not to mention make a mess of your car, boat, motorcycle etc. Eco-Loop will fit to almost all standard plastic bottles ranging from 1L - 5L. Made from high quality materials Eco-Loop will last for a lifetime. So whether you need to put oil into your boat, car, motorcycle, ATV, lawnmower or any other small engine, Eco-Loop is the funnel.

  • 10 funnels in 1

  • Sealed loop eliminates leaks & debris from getting into fluids

  • Universal adapter fits 500ML, 1L, 4L, 5L bottles, as well as common pint, quart, and gallon bottles

  • Removable transmission tip

  • Flexible hose to access hard to reach areas

  • Vent valve for faster pouring

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