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Installing a Door How-To Instructions & Video

Fast, Easy & No Shimming!

Installing a Door with

Jamb size Other than 4-9/16"

4 Minute Door Installation Bracket Kit



Attach 6 Premium Door Brackets



Draw Plumb Line down Wall



Install Door  by Aligning Bracket with Plumb Line

installing a door how to



Installing a door for beginners to professionals

Installing a door has always been considered a task only for tradesman, however with new door installation kits, this hard task is now easy, even for a beginner/DIY. Door install kits, which can be picked up online and at Home Depot, make how-to instructional guides and video instructions easy.


To learn how to properly install a door, watch the simple video instructions above. We have also detailed the installation procedure below for a step-by-step install guide.

Installing a Door How-To Instructions

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