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Installing a Double French Door - How To

Fast, Easy & No Shimming!

Installing a Double Door Video Instruction

4 Minute Door Installation Bracket Kit



Attach 6 Premium Door Brackets



Draw Plumb Line down Wall



Install Door  by Aligning Bracket with Plumb Line

installing a door how to



How to Install Double French Doors with Easily

Installing double french doors is actually very easy when using a bracket system like our EXPR Door Install kit. Even a first time door installer is capable of installing a door just as accurately as a professional builder. However, its not just fast... Builders are the #1 buyer of our door install kits because it saves them time and money! See for yourself why our install kits are the #1 New method for double door installation.


To learn how to properly install a door, watch the simple video instructions above. We have also detailed the installation procedure below for a step-by-step install guide.

Below: Installing a Double Door | How-To

Prep the door
draw plumb line down
Double Door Installation
align to door line
otherside of double door
bend door brackets flush
attach door trim

Attach to Door

Screw an install bracket near each hinge. Try to align the clearance hole with the center hinge screw (this will allow you to replace the short hinge screw with a longer one for extra support).  Screw the remaining 3 brackets on the other side of the double door, also behind the the hinges.

Draw a Line

Using a pencil and level, draw a plumb line (vertically level) down the drywall, roughly a 1/2" from the rough door opening. Make sure it's as plumb as possible. This is your reference for installing the door. You only need to do this on 1 side of the rough opening.

Place Door

Place the Door Into the opening. Try to center the door as best as possible.

Screw to Wall

Starting on the side of the door nearest to your drawn line, Screw the TOP Door bracket to the wall first. Take note of what Alignment notch the drawn line from step 2 goes through. Screw in the next 2 hinge side brackets, while making sure that the drawn line goes through the "exact same notch". You now have half of the Double Door Installed.

Attach Other Brackets

Now that you have the 1st side attached, all you need to do is look at the "gap" between the doors. What you need to do is make sure that this gap stays the same from the top all the way to the bottom when screwing the brackets to the wall. 

Attach Backside

Move to the backside of the double french door. Using your thumb, bend all 6 protruding tabs, down flush to the wall. Then attach with screw. 

Installing Door Trim

Finish installing a door by covering the tabs with trim. Basically you nail the door casing/trim directly over the brackets. This will conceal them, resulting in a nicely installed door.

Reinforcing the installation can be done by removing the center hinge screws from the hinges and replacing with longer (2") set screws (often supplied with door).

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