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Exterior Door Instructions

4 Minute Door Installation Bracket Kit



Attach 6 Premium Door Brackets



Draw Plumb Line down Wall



Install Door  by Aligning Bracket with Plumb Line

installing a door how to



Installing a door for beginners to professionals

Installing a door has always been considered a task only for tradesman, however with new door installation kits, this hard task is now easy, even for a beginner/DIY. Door install kits, which can be picked up online and at Home Depot, make how-to instructional guides and video instructions easy.


To learn how to properly install a door, watch the simple video instructions above. We have also detailed the installation procedure below for a step-by-step install guide.

Below: Installing a Door How-To Instructions


Cut the Bracket

For your install, you need to cut the bracket in half (you do NOT need the prebend half for your install. You can use snippers, however our newest version has a score line for you to bend and break off by hand (depending on what version you have). 

with drywall.jpg

Attach Bracket

Attach a bracket to the door jamb/frame. Attach 1 ABOVE each hinge, and the 3 across from the hinges on the opposite side of the door (knob side). Use the 2 outer holes if you have drywall already on your wall, or use the 2 inner holes if you do NOT have drywall on your wall yet.


Seal the Door Frame

Caulk all around the door with sealing caulk. Caulk the floor where the door will sit on top of. Check door manufacturers instructions for all required steps.

check plumb.jpg

Place Door

From the exterior, place the door in opening. Place a level on door frame/jamb and check for plumb (vertically level). When plumb, faster brick molding/trim to the exterior with the use of finish screws. 


Bend Brackets to Wall

Move to interior. Using your thumb, bend all 6 protruding tabs flat to wall.


Screw Brackets

Check door operation. If door operates properly, screw all 6 tabs to the wall.

Finish install by reinforcing installation with Long Hinge Screws. And verify door manufacturers recommendations.

installing a door trim

Installing Door Trim

Finish installing a door by covering the tabs with trim. Basically you nail the door casing/trim directly over the brackets. This will conceal them, resulting in a nicely installed door.

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