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Exterior Door Video

No Pre-Applied Molding

4 Minute Door Installation Bracket Kit



Attach 6 Premium Door Brackets



Draw Plumb Line down Wall



Install Door  by Aligning Bracket with Plumb Line

installing a door how to



Installing a door for beginners to professionals

Installing a door has always been considered a task only for tradesman, however with new door installation kits, this hard task is now easy, even for a beginner/DIY. Door install kits, which can be picked up online and at Home Depot, make how-to instructional guides and video instructions easy.


To learn how to properly install a door, watch the simple video instructions above. We have also detailed the installation procedure below for a step-by-step install guide.

Below: Installing a Door How-To Instructions

regular above hinge.jpg

Attach Bracket

Attach a bracket to the door jamb/frame. Attach 1 ABOVE each hinge, and the 3 across from the hinges on the opposite side of the door (knob side).


Note: If you do NOT yet have the drywall on the wall, offset the bracket "In" from the edge by 1/2".


Draw Line on Drywall

Start by making a mark roughly 1/2″ in from the rough door opening. Place a 4′ or 6′ level on this mark. Now make sure that the level is indicating perfectly level and plumb. Use the level to draw a line all the way down the wall. Make sure this line is perfectly level. You will be basing the hanging prehung door off of this “level line”.


Seal the Door Frame

Caulk all around the door with sealing caulk. Caulk the floor where the door will sit on top of. Check door manufacturers instructions for all required steps.

Screw to Wall

align door install

Place the door in the rough opening. Roughly center the door as best as possible in the opening. Now screw in the top hinge side bracket. Take note of which of the bracket’s reference notches the “drawn level line” happens to match up to. Screw in the next 2 hinge side brackets, making sure that the ‘”level line” passes through their exact same reference notches. The door is now hung perfect based on the drawn level line. When screwing in the other 3 brackets, simply make sure that the space between the door and the door frame/jamb looks consistent. The door is now hung.

brick molding.jpg

Brick Molding

Check door operation. If door operates properly, attach brick molding/trim to the exterior of the door. Check door manufacturers recommendations for final sealing.

Finish install by reinforcing installation with Long Hinge Screws. And verify door manufacturers recommendations.

installing a door trim

Installing Door Trim

Finish installing a door by covering the tabs with trim. Basically you nail the door casing/trim directly over the brackets. This will conceal them, resulting in a nicely installed door.

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