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door installation kit

What is a

Door Install Kit?

Door Install Prep

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No Shimming Required!

Door Installation Kit

Door installation kits are the easiest and fastest way to install doors. Installing a door has never been easier. Instead of using the old difficult method of installing a door with shims, door install kits allow the installer to perfectly and accurately set in minutes.  The hassle of shimming using wood shims is now gone forever. See why door install kits are becoming the preferred method of door installation.

  • As Fast as 4 Minute Installs.

  • No Nail Holes to Patch.

  • No Shimming.

  • Easy Adjustment for Perfectly Reveals/Margins everytime.

  • Works even if wall is "Out-of-Plane", "Not plumb", or "Bad".

  • Works on Interior, Exterior, and Double Doors.

  • Work on any Jamb Size (4-9/16", 5-1/2", 6-9/16", and more).

door install kit
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Up to 5x Faster & 10x Easier than Shimming!

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